Saturday, 3 October 2009

Visiting pour Familys!

Sometimes when I have time I go to Visit poor family's, and I take friend's with me also. we pray for them and when its possible we give them aid! please pray for poor family's in Kosova!

Doing Worship in Different Churches!

God has lead me to Lead worship in 2 Churches one is in Prizeren and one is in Rugova, also I go and do worship time to time in different churches. it Blesses me to see people dwelling in the presence of the Holy Spirit!

Teaching Guitar Project!

Teaching Guitar different believers. its my desire to see Believers learning Guitar and how to lead worship on their own. please support this Project if you can!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

American English School! (Open day's)

This is m
y English course were I teach. the Town is called Rahovec in Kosova. and the reason is to use the course as a door for the gospel !

There are many Kids who would like to attend the English Course but they can’t afford to pay for economical reason . So if you like to sponsor a student to pay the course for 20euro a month it will be a blessing for the student and for the ministry!

(also I am trying to go and teach English to an gypsy are in Rahovec so please pray for God to provide everything its needed!)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Kids club!

This is Kids Club in Rahovec, and in other places! God loves the Children of Kosova!